Have a nice & effective privacy fence for your yard (doesn’t cost an arm and a leg)

A nice & effective privacy fence to block views into your yard… lasts 20+ years 

A nice wooden fence that stays straight & sturdy for 20+ years, giving you privacy

…installed to last using scientifically based techniques

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Attention! Your yard is too exposed to outsiders…

Do you find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable hanging around your own backyard? Because your neighbour could be watching you. Even worse, a complete stranger walking in the road could be watching you.

You even find it hard to get work done seated on your deck, verandah or balcony as you get distracted with whatever is happening next door. 

You don’t get to barbeque as much as you would like in your own backyard because it will be in full view of your neighbors.

Yes, your neighbours aren’t  enemies. Nor are they family too.  

So you don’t want them privy of all your outdoor movements.

It’s time to close off your yard

An effective solution to add privacy is to block your neighbors view into your yard with a wooden fence.

With a wooden fence in place, you can enjoy quality time sitting on your balcony or deck without being distracted with what is happening next door. And get work done from the comfort of your deck.

It will give you the space to spend time and bond with your family without any outside interference. You will do what you want in your yard without any reservations. 

Whenever you wake up early in the morning, perhaps to potty the dog or fill the bird feeder, you won’t have to worry about fixing your hair or getting properly dressed because your neighbor could be watching you.

On a hot day, you will feel completely free to take a swim in your pool. And thereafter take a sunbath beside the pool comfortably knowing no outsiders are looking.

Essentially you will now be able to do the things you enjoy doing in your own yard without any privacy concerns. 

But will a wood fence last? I mean wood decays?

“That’s a great question.” And the answer is simple.

We only use wood that’s treated against rot, fungi and insects. The wood has a lifetime service of 25+ years.

Or we could use hardwoods which have a lifespan of over 30 years.

Our well trained personnel have installed more than a hundred fences around Cape Town that means we have the necessary experience to tackle any fencing project.. References are available on request.

We have developed an installation procedure that will give you a fence that will stay straight and sturdy for 20+ years.

I have specific needs

“Don’t worry we got you covered.”


There are many styles to choose from, to suit your specific needs and taste..

 Many types of wood you can choose from, from pine to hardwoods like garapa, balau, jatoba.

 You are free to specify your own custom height and gap size.

You can have your wood stained, painted or left in its natural state.

Some of what we have done

garapa wood fence

Why we are the right guys to build your wood fence?

“How we get it right everytime”

  • We have installed over 200 fences around Cape Town, which means we have the experience to tackle your project. References available on request 
  • We use 2 simple techniques for planting poles to make them last that most contractors ignore which means your fence will stay sturdy and straight
  • Correct wood preparation before staining, which means the stain will not flake or peel. The wood will always look nice
  • We are the only company with a 7 year warranty on wooden fence installation, Will take care of your fence for 7 whole years
  • Our pine undergoes a high pressure industrial treatment process to make it last for over 20 years which means your investment will stretch for 20 years 

How do I get a wooden fence installed?

“We’re just a phone call or email away”

Give us a call or fill the contact form below and we will get back to you soonest.

When we undertake your projects here is what comes with the package.

  • Free old fence removal – yes we wont charge you for removing any old fence you might have
  • Free wood staining – we only charge cost of the wood stain, but while others charge R150 per square meter, our staining service is free
  • Your installation comes with a 7 year warranty. Thats 7 times longer than the industry standard
  • Free rubble removal – we leave your site clean

With lots of client booking us everyday, dont delay further, get in touch with us to have your fence installed soonest

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