How dog lovers keep their canines safe & secure around their yards.

…without a leash or the pain of an invisible dog fence

A dog friendly and cost effective fence to safeguard your dogs from harm

…gives your canine space to run around

…wood fence lasts for over 20 years

Relax completely as your dogs play outside. No need to worry about them escaping or trampling your garden!

Dear friend…

If your dog escapes from your yard as you pull your car into your yard, a number of horrible things can happen.

You know this! That’s why every time your driveway gate is open you shout “Get back here!”. You take extra care when driving into your yard. You get all worked up when someone leaves the gate open. It’s all for the love & care for your dog.

Our furry companions are an inquisitive and adventurous lot who love exploring. They are excellent escape artists too. But many dangers await them out there.

Many dangers await your dog outside…

Firstly, your canine could be fatally hit by a car as it rushes across the road. This will leave you in a state of emotional pain that will take ages to heal. You may get another one, but it will never be the same dog.

Or the accident may leave your furry companion seriously injured requiring surgery that will cost you an arm and a leg. Even worse, your canine may be left permanently disabled. 

Worse still, your dog could mutilate a child in the street. This could lend you a lawsuit. And you will have to carry the financial burden of treating the child.

More dangers keep on coming out there…

Out there, your dog may get involved in a vicious dog fight that will leave it smeared with blood oozing from wounds sustained from dog bites. You will have to take it immediately to the vet, who will no doubt charge you a fortune to treat it.

There’s danger lurking in your yard

Even right within your yard, if your dog is not safely contained, it can be poisoned by plants in your own garden. There are plants which are highly toxic or even deadly to dogs. Some of the plants are sago palms, daffodils and ivy.

But there is an effective solution to avoid these tragedies from happening.

You can have a wooden fence installed to safely contain your puppies within your yard and keep them away from your garden.

 But wait. Did I just say wood fence? You probably got worried wondering if the wood will last. Because as you know wood decays.

 Wood will eventually decay. There’s no doubt about that.

Only treated wood used with a lifetime of 20+ years 

That’s why we use wood that has undergone a high pressure industrial treatment process. The treatment protects the wood from fungi, decay and wood borers. It gives the wood a lifetime of at least 20 years. 

The fence must be built in a way to counter all the various ways dogs use to escape from a fenced area. And that’s exactly how we install your dog fence.

We build absolutely dog proof fence

If your dog is a jumper, we make a fence of sufficient height which your dog can’t jump over.

Then there are diggers. To contain these, we lay concrete on the edge of the fence to discourage digging.

For the chewers, the gap between the slats needs to be small so that the dog will not be able to open its mouth and gnaw the wood.

In its quest to escape, a dog may figure out a way to open the gate. Once it does that, having the fence becomes pointless. 

To give the canine little chance of opening the gate, special attention is paid when setting the gate posts.

The gate posts are firmly set in the ground with a huge weight of concrete, to prevent them from shifting.

If gate posts shift, so will the gate. It will probably end up leaning on the side. The latch will no longer be aligned properly. A simple nudge from the dog, the gate will open and out goes your dog.

Built to contain even a large boerboel

Then there are the huge dogs that try to bulldoze through the fence. We use thick 38mm x 76mm rails that even the strongest of dogs cannot break. Poles are dug 600mm into the ground in a hole 400mm wide filled with a large weight of concrete that’s too heavy for a dog to push.

Believe it or not some dogs are very determined to escape that they will use their tongue to push open the latch. By making the gaps between slats small, the tongue will not be able to squeeze through to open a latch.

A dog fence must be able to withstand all the ways a dog can use to escape. This allows you to spend your time indoors while your dogs are outside without worrying that they may escape.

With a fence in place, you will open your driveway gate without worrying about running over your dog. Or worried that it will escape. 

We have been installing dog fences for over 5 years in Cape town and have developed a number of techniques, to make a dog proof fence:


  • 3 simple installation techniques, which most contractors ignore, that extend lifetime of your fence by at least 5 years
  • A simple trick that keeps your gate intact even if repeatedly banged close with strong winds
  • An effective joining technique for a no sagging gate. Latch will securely close in the dogs all the time
  • The only 7 year warranty on wood fence in the industry covering critical aspects of your fence most contractors won’t dare to cover
  • 3 surefire ways to dog proof your fence, that make it impossible for your dog to escape, guaranteeing you with absolute peace of mind 


Everyday that passes by without a dog fence, you are endangering your dogs:

  • It can be fatally hit by  a car
  • Get Seriously injured by a car or other dogs
  • Get poisoned by poisonous plants
  • Could disappear & never be seen again
  • Could bite a kid

Here is the deal


7 year warranty*

All our installations are protected by a 7 year warranty, which means we take care of your fence for years to come


Top quality materials or its free*

We use material that is guaranteed by suppliers. All timber is CCA Pressure treated to SABS specification and carries a 20 year warranty against rotting, beatles, bugs and wood diseases.

If your wood decays prematurely, splints completely or warps we will replace it and not bill you.


Performance as promised or we redo*

Should the fence start leaning or the gate shifts off position we will come to fix it. Or should the dogs manage to escape, we will come fix the problem.


Free wood staining*

Should you want your fence stained, we seal all 6 surfaces to prevent water penetrating into wood, with a wood stain color of your choice, for free. 

Only cost of wood stain charged. 


Free old fence removal*

If there is any old fence that need to be replaced, we will remove it free of charge


Free site inspection*

We can come to your property and discuss your specific requirements, offer advice and take measurements at no cost to you.

Give us a call or complete the contact form below now to schedule a site visit or to request a quote.

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