Delivered as promised or 25% discount for workmanship failures

How, our scientifically based installation techniques, using a foolproof installation process and use of high quality materials gives you a wooden fence that lasts for over 20 years. 

 We cracked the secret code for a long lasting wooden fence! 

Best part… Fence is easy to maintain

Dear friend,

If you would like a wooden fence that will give you privacy, security or safeguard your dogs for more than 20 years guaranteed to remain straight , sturdy and intact , then you will definitely love our installation process and selection of materials.

In a moment , I will reveal to you the surefire installation techniques which extend the lifetime of any wooden fence far beyond the normal expected time.


Imagine this, looking at your fence 20 years from now, it’s still straight & sturdy serving its original purpose well, though it has taken a heavy battering from the elements


There’s more…


Imagine not having to worry about premature wood decay, warped wooden slats and loose slats.


That’s what our clients enjoy with our installations

How is this possible?

Simply because we use sure-fire installation techniques, that most contractors simply choose to ignore so as to cut costs and time to complete the project. 

We get called every month, 3 or 4  times, to repair wooden fences built by others. 

Though some of the fences are falling apart because time has caught up on them the majority are a result of 2 things that can be avoided. 

Namely use of wrong materials and poor installation techniques. And these issues appear in many different ways. 

 Sometimes you find very thin vertical supports used to support a large mass of fence. 

 What ends up happening is no surprise. The supports break under the weight of the fence and the fence falls apart.

 Some fences are built with a fatal mistake, that will bring down the whole fence in a matter of a few years.

 These have wooden posts not treated for ground contact buried in the ground. What then happens is a no brainer. 

 The wooden posts will rot faster than meat buried in the ground. The result is a wobbly, leaning fence that is an eyesore to look at.

 In other cases, the poles are properly treated for ground contact but are planted in shallow holes. And that’s not good.

  Whoever dug the holes didn’t dig deep enough because of laziness or maybe to cut time short. Who knows? 

 Fence post holes should be at least 600mm deep. But we frequently find poles buried less than  400mm deep. 

 Shallow holes present two problems.

 First a shallow hole doesn’t hold a volume of concrete with sufficient weight to hold the post firmly in the ground. Again a wobbly, leaning fence is the result.

 The second problem is that poles in shallow holes will heave as the ground freezes and thaws during winter. A wobbly, leaning fence again.

 In other cases the span between vertical posts is way  too big. Exceeding 2.4m. This makes the fence weak and it won’t have a prayer when high winds blow.

 All these problems compromise the structural integrity of the fence. Soon sections of the fence become loose or break off completely. 

 Your security and privacy is compromised. And the safety of your kids or pets is put at risk.

 No to mention the eyesore sight of a dilapidating fence.

Yes you can have your fence built right from the start

The good news is  your next installation can completely avoid these problems from the get go. That’s if you take advantage of our installation process and quality materials.

We have been installing wooden fences for 5 years now. Plenty of references are available on request.

Here’s the deal: you will be hard pressed to find any other business that gives a warranty that covers a wood fence installation for 7 whole years. But we do… 

And the chances are very high , in 7 years you won’t have to call us to fix the fence… It’s only a few times we ever get called to correct work done.. 


Now I don’t say this to brag… but to show you that we know a thing or two about getting a wooden fence to last for 20+ years…


But wood decays…(Why you should not worry about this)

That’s probably the number 1 worry you have right now.

Well, we use wood that is CCA pressure treated to SABS specification.

The wood undergoes a high pressure industrial process that results in a preservative called CCA impregnated in it.

The chemical protects the wood from borers, fungi, insects and rot. 

And please don’t worry, the chemical is odourless and not poisonous to you or your pets.

Plus, you don’t need to treat the wood any further to preserve it from insects and rot. CCA on its own is enough.

Why does it matter that a fence lasts for 20+ years?

It’s all about avoiding frequent repair costs and the inconvenience that comes with a broken fence.

A broken fence compromises your security and privacy. And threatens the safety of your children or dogs.

Not to mention the ugly sight of a dilapidating, broken fence.

While it might be cheap to get a poorly made fence done today, you will soon spend a fortune to have it repaired.

So why take that path when we can build for you a solid fence that will stand the test of time.

Won’t the installation leave me broke?   No its a steal

How much do we charge? Due to the custom nature of the work, we cant give a fixed price but a price range.

For treated pine picket fence, the costs ranges from R700 – R1500 per meter. This works out to R35 – R75 per meter for a 20 year fence. And that’s a steal.

Remember the longer the fence the lower the cost per meter.

For a small length of fence like below 5m it’s usually R1500 per meter.

Hardwood fence

For hardwood fences the cost ranges from R1500 – R2800 per meter depending on the type of hardwood. The cost per year being R75 – R140 per meter.

What comes with the package

Free wood staining service. Apart from the cost of the wood sealant we will not charge you for staining the wood. Normally cost to stain wood is R150 per square meter. With us its R0.


Free old fence removal & rubble removalYou don’t pay to have your old wood fence removed. Instead of charging you R200 per meter to remove old fence as is the norm, we will do it for free

We guarantee that our workmanship is on point or you get a 25% discount for poor workmanship issues

After job completion, we kindly ask you to hold on to the remaining balance for 14 days. 

Use those 2 weeks to thoroughly assess work done.

If you discover any workmanship issues such as

  • leaning posts,
  • irregular cuts,
  • wood slats placed skew
  • gate no longer properly aligned,
  • loose sections or slats etc

you automatically get a 25% discount and we will fix the fence.


The way to a 20+ year wooden fence

Here’s just some of the installation techniques we use..

  • Use of industrial pressure treated wood; wood treated against termites, borers, fungi & rot.  Your Wood will last for 20+ years
  • 100% rust proof stainless steel screws used … fence slats remain firmly held in place. No loose sections
  • Drainage underneath wooden poles in ground… water quickly drained away, preventing premature decay of poles, fence remains straight for many years 
  • 600mm deep x 400mm wide post holes. Heavy weight of concrete to hold poles firmly in the ground… fence won’t be blown off by the wind nor lean on the side but remain straight.
  • Strong joinery techniques for gates… Gate will not sag, and will keep closing properly
  • Heavy duty galvanised hinges on gate.. Keeps the gate in place closing properly to keep your pets safely in
  • Use of wood sealant with strong UV protection- protects the wood from the sun thus preserving the color you like for many years
  • Span wood poles to at most 1.8m, gives the fence enough strength to resist force of wind. Your fence won’t lean on the side
  • Wood stained only if moisture content is below 19%. Prevents flaking or peeling of wood sealant


If only you want it to last, should you  then get in touch with us… we don’t install temporary wooden fences

Every fence big or small we install it paying attention to detail. We understand your fence is an investment.

That’s why we built it so that 20 years from now it’s still securing your property, safeguarding your dogs and giving you privacy just as well as the first year it was installed.

You deserve that. Your hard earned cash must not go to waste with a wooden fence that will start falling apart the year it’s first installed. You deserve better.

If you really care about a nice looking fence that will serve you for the next 20 years, fill in our contact form below and request a quote now!



Yes I want you guys to install my wooden fence that will last for 20+ years:


  • I realize if you guys install my fence, it will lasts for at least 20 years
  • I also know you use techniques that most contractors ignore or are just ignorant about that makes the fence lasts for 20+ years
  • You only use pine thats treated for external use or hardwood
  • I know you will look after my fence for 7 years.. If any problem occurs you will come to fix it
  • If I have an old fence, you will remove it for free before you install the new one
  • You will not charge me for staining the wood, but just the cost of the wood stain
  • After you are done, you will remove all the rubble

With that in mind I am in:

Wooden fencing deal that gives you guaranteed quality at affordable price 


7 year warranty*

All our installations are protected by a 7 year warranty, which means we take care of your fence for years to come


Top quality materials or its free*

We use material that is guaranteed by suppliers. All timber is CCA Pressure treated to SABS specification and carries a 20 year warranty against rotting, beatles, bugs and wood diseases.

If your wood decays prematurely, splints completely or warps we will replace it and not bill you.


Performance as promised or we redo*

Should the fence start leaning or the gate shifts off position we will come to fix it.


Free wood staining*

Should you want your fence stained, we seal all 6 surfaces to prevent water penetrating into wood, with a wood stain color of your choice, for free. 

Only cost of wood stain charged. 


Free old fence removal*

If there is any old fence that need to be replaced, we will remove it free of charge


Free site inspection*

We can come to your property and discuss your specific requirements, offer advice and take measurements at no cost to you.

20 years of useful service life

You get CCA pressure treated pine for your fence which is resistant to borer, rot and fungal infection.

35+ years of useful service life

Going for a hardwood fence with woods like Garapa, Balau and jatoba will give you a fence that will last for many years to come.

7 year warranty

If there are issues with your fence after installation, don’t worry we will come and fix it. Read warranty 


Because wood slats are thick and strong, they don’t break easily.  So you won’t be replacing slats time and again.


Fence poles are set to a sufficient depth into the ground, so no need to worry about strong winds and rain ripping your fence off.

Nice finish

Staining or vanishing your fence with a colour of your choosing will preserve its color and lustre for a long time. A fence you’ll love.

6 great uses of wooden fence


1) Adding privacy

Need privacy from your neighbours or passersby? Cover the open space with wooden fence.

2) Securing your swimming pool

Have a peace of mind knowing your little kids are safe, with a nice decorative picket fence keeping your children away from the pool.

3) Securing your garden

You got a great garden you don’t want your dogs and other pets running all over? Fence off your garden in a decorative way with wooden fence.

4) Adding beauty

A white painted picket fence will improve the look of your front yard or backyard.

5) Covering not so good looking areas

Are there parts of your yard that are not so good looking? Hide them away with wooden fence.

6) Securing your dogs

Keep your dog safe from being run over by a car in the driveway and prevent it from wandering away from your home with a wooden fence.

Don't worry. Our workmanship is on point.

Request a quote now!

What type of wood do we use?

Depending on your taste, you can choose either soft wood or hard wood.

For soft wood we use pressure treated pine.  

The pine comes either planned all round or as rustic with all sides rough.

Rustic timber is ideal when you want  to save some money or where you prefer the natural rough look of wood.

For hard wood, we use the following types:

  • Balau
  • Garapa
  • Jatoba 

Wood fence options

We offer our fence only as supply and install so that our installation expertise can relieve you from delivery and site coordination issues.

The fence comes in standard heights of 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m.

But you are welcome to specify your own custom height and custom gap between slats..

Flat top picket fence

Another popular choice of wood picket fence among homeowners. All sides are planed giving them a smooth and even finish.
Pointed picket fence

Pointed top picket fence

A popular type of wood picket fence in Western Cape. They have a styled pointed top making them attractive and inviting.
Dog ear picket fence

Dog ear picket fence

A great choice for wood picket fence. You can have it either as a privacy picket fence with no gaps or as a spaced picket fence with gap.
Round edge picket fence

Rounded top picket fence

The rounded top makes this type of picket a great choice were visual looks matter. It works well both as a privacy fence or with spaced gaps.
Gum latte fence

Latte fence

These are predominantly placed in garden areas to give your garden an exotic look and also cover fault parts of your garden.

Are you planning on having a wooden fence installed?

 Get a quote to help you plan your budget. 
Request quote now!

Wood fencing styles

We offer 4 types of fence boarding styles you can choose from.

The styles fall into the following categories:

Wooden fence with lattice top

Solid with lattice top

This fencing style will provide you with near complete privacy. Its typically employed for property demarcation line.

The fence has 2mm gap between slats to allow flow of air. The top can be diagonal or square lattice.

Note that one side will show structural rails and the other vertical boards.

Good neighbour fence with lattice top

Board on board / good neighbor fence

This type of fence has alternating and overlapping boards on both sides. Your neighbour will definitely love it.

The fence generally has 90mm gap between the slats but can be narrowed down for additional privacy. The top can be diagonal or square lattice.

Interwoven wood fence

Interwoven wood fence

This fence just stands out tall and high. Ideal were you want total privacy together without sacrificing the look.

It’s a fence that your neighbor will love too as it looks the same both sides.

Horizontal wood enclosure

Horizontal wood fence

In this style, the boards are laid out horizontally with spacing between boards of 10mm or of a size of your choosing.

Note one side will show structural rails and the other horizontal boards.

Hardwood fencing

When you want a wooden fence that will last more than 40 years, hardwood is the best.

Because of the strength, durability and nice look of hardwood, a hardwood fence will add real value to your property. A true investment. 

Balau wood fence

Balau wood originates from Malaysia. In its natural state it’s light brown in color. It’s a dense hardwood that is very durable. To maintain its color, it needs to be oiled otherwise it will fade to a light grey color.
Garapa privacy fence

Garapa fence

Garapa originates from South America. In its natural state it’s light orange/brown in color. It’s dense and extremely durable. If not sealed with oil, it will fade to a grey color.

Jatoba fence

Another hardwood from South America. It’s dark chocolate or red brown with beautiful streaks in its natural state. It’s an extremely durable hardwood. If not sealed with oil, it will darken over time.

Wood staining

While you may prefer the natural raw color & eventual graying of wood, consider staining the wood.

Staining the wood will prolong your new wood fence & add ambiance to your home.

We recommend you restain your wood fence after a couple of years. This is much cheaper than replacing your entire fence.

Benefits of staining wood

  • Water proofs your wood
  • Protects your wood fence from UV rays
  • Keeps your wood fence color bold

Wood stains to choose from

How long does wooden fence installation take?

Most projects are completed in 3 – 5 days after a quote has been approved and conditions of the quote have been met.

It all starts with a visit to your home from one of our project coordinators.

He will take measurements of your lot size and note style of fence you require and any special requirements you may have.

After the site visit, a quote will be emailed to you.

When you have approved the quote, will then schedule the day to start the wooden fencing project.

Of course, the duration of project will depend on how big the fence is. But generally you should allot 3 – 5 days for the project.

The workflow

Day 1

Digging post holes and setting up fence posts in concrete as per property survey. Removal and disposal of clean fill soil. Jobsite cleaning.

Day 2

Allow concrete to cure.

Day 3 - 5

Install and complete all fence boards and gates with mounting hardware. Stain or paint all fence boards. Customer walk through and inspection. Jobsite cleaning.

About us

We pay attention to the last detail
Whatever your wooden fencing needs are, we have a number of options to help you achieve the wooden fence of your dreams. With the fence installation, you get a 7 year warranty.

We are a fencing company that has been operating in Cape Town, covering the whole of Western Cape, for quite some time now, gainining experience and expertise your project will benefit from.

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