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Why Wooden Fencing Makes Sense?

Amongst all the fencing options that are there, wooden fence shines were flexibility and beautiful design matter.

Wood can be cut into almost any height and size to suit your requirements. It can also be painted with any color to match the overall look of your property.

Furthermore, it gives your property a natural look that's in line with vegetation and gardening, thus creating a decorative but protective look for your house.


You obviously don't want to change your fence every year, that's why for soft timber we use pine that is CCA pressure treated for resistance to borer, rot and fungal infection.

We also use hard woods like Garapa, Balau and jatoba which have a long lifespan.


By varying the distance between posts, you can have wooden fence that matches your strength requirements. Should you be in an area with strong winds, sinking the posts deeper into the ground will help fence withstand wind.

And the hard woods are naturally strong.

Great Finish

We stain or vanish your fence with a colour of your choosing. Staining or vanishing the fence guards it against effects of rain.

While Woods like garapa, balau and jatoba are naturally good looking, oiling them will give them a shiny look and preserving their color for a long time.

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5 Great uses of wooden fence

1) Adding privacy

Need privacy from your neighbours or passersby? Cover the open space with wooden fence.

2) Securing your swimming pool

Have a peace of mind knowing your little kids are safe, with a nice decorative picket fence keeping your children away from the pool.

3) Securing your garden

You got a great garden you don't want your dogs and other pets running all over? Fence off your garden in a decorative way with wooden fence.

4) Adding beauty

A white painted picket fence will improve the look of your front yard or backyard.

5) Covering not so good looking parts

Are there parts of your yard that are not so good looking? Hide them away with wooden fence.

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What Type Of Wood Do We Use?

Depending on your taste, we use either soft wood or hard wood.

For soft wood we use pressure treated pine

For hard wood, we use the following types:

  • Balau
  • Garapa
  • Jatoba

More on hard wood

Wood Fence Options

We offer our fence only as supply and install so that our installation expertise can relieve you from delivery and site coordination issues.

The fence comes in standard heights of 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m.

But you are welcome to specify your own custom height and custom gap between slats..

Pointed Picket Fence

A popular type of wood picket fence in Western Cape. They have a styled pointed top making them attractive and inviting.

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Flat Top Picket Fence

Another popular choice of wood picket fence among homeowners. All sides are planed giving them a smooth and even finish.

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Dog Ear Picket Fence

A great choice for wood picket fence. You can have it either as a privacy picket fence with no gaps or as a spaced picket fence with gap.

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Latte Fence

These are predominantly placed in garden areas to give your garden an exotic look and also cover fault parts of your garden.

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Rustic Fence

When you care about having fence with a natural wood look, rustic fence is your ideal choice. It's a good choice if you are on a tight budget.

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Wood Fencing Styles

We offer 4 types of fence boarding styles you can choose from.

The styles fall into the following categories:


This fencing style will provide you with near complete privacy. Its typically employed for property demarcation line.

The fence has 2mm gap between slats to allow flow of air. The top can be diagonal or square lattice.

Note that one side will show structural rails and the other vertical boards.

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Board on board / Good neighbour fence

This type of fence has alternating and overlapping boards on both sides. Your neighbour will definitely love it.

The fence generally has 90mm gap between the slats but can be narrowed down for additional privacy. The top can be diagonal or square lattice.

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Horizontal Boards

In this style, the boards are laid out horizontally with spacing between boards of 10mm.

Note one side will show structural rails and the other horizontal boards.

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Hard Wood Fencing

Because of the strength, durability and beautiful look of hardwood, a hardwood fence will add real value to your property.


Balau wood originates from Malaysia. In its natural state it's light brown in color. It's a dense hardwood that is very durable. To maintain its color, it needs to be oiled otherwise it will fade to a light grey color.

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Garapa originates from South America. In its natural state it's light orange/brown in color. It's dense and extremely durable. If not sealed with oil, it will fade to a grey color.

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Another hardwood from South America. It's dark chocolate or red brown with beautiful streaks in its natural state. It's an extremely durable hardwood. If not sealed with oil, it will darken over time.

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Wood Fence Staining

While you may prefer the natural raw color & eventual graying of wood, consider staining the wood.

Staining the wood will prolong your new wood fence & add ambiance to your home.

We recommend you restain your wood fence after a couple of years. This is much cheaper than replacing your entire fence.

Benefits of staining wood

  • Water proofs your wood
  • Protects your wood fence from UV rays
  • Keeps your wood fence color bold

Wood Stains to choose from

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How Long Does Wood Fencing Installation Take?

Most projects are completed in 3 - 5 days after a quote has been approved and conditions of the quote have been met.

It all starts with a visit to your home from one of our project coordinators.

He will take measurements of your lot size and note style of fence you require and any special requirements you may have.

After the site visit, a quote will be emailed to you.

When you have approved the quote, will then schedule the day to start the wooden fencing project.

Of course, the duration of project will depend on how big the fence is. But generally you should allot 3 - 5 days for the project.

The work flow

Day 1

Digging post holes and setting up fence posts in concrete as per property survey. Removal and disposal of clean fill soil. Jobsite cleaning.

Day 2

Allow concrete to cure.

Day 3 - Day 5

Install and complete all fence boards and gates with mounting hardware. Stain or paint all fence boards. Customer walk through and inspection. Jobsite cleaning.

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